Sunday, September 6, 2015

Female issues


To the two guys I know who are great dads, even though they are separated from their kids. 

Tim and Heath. Keep it up guys!!

Hope you two had a great day with your children. :)

David gave me an Owl!
I have been getting my Avon from David, one of the few male Avon sellers. I have done Avon for years and its a bit too much for me to handle with my workload and fatigue. I am thrilled David has taken up the mantel. I had forgotten my colour and ended up with one shade too dark. BOO. 

The pressed powder is the right colour the liquid is going to have to be for colour on my face and I will have to try again next time it is on sale. 
They do have a make up setting spray that actually does work! After night shift, my foundation is mostly still intact. Cool as I tend to rub my face a lot when tired. 
Trouble is Avon's web site (Australian ) lists the freebies as items so you get freebies for the freebies and so on. This time they allocated 9 sprays to me. EEP. 

I have been giving away books with book-crossing labels but not journaling their release. Maybe I should have but it would have taken far too long to write all the numbers down. I hope they find good homes. To anyone who had given me a book, they were released at Picton Train station for the commuters to enjoy. They have a window shelf for books in case you need a book. 

After several years of not doing it, although I have kept up the labelling, I finally did a proper wild release this am. AHH feels good. :) 

The house work has continued without me this weekend.. I have a new mail box which looks odd as I have had a large red one for 13 years.. now its small and cream/silver. The number are nice.
Heath did it and even re-cemented the post.

April 20–May 20
A positive meetup between Mars in your foundation angle and Uranus in your subconscious sector nudges you to clean up the clutter in your house and in your mind. Sweeping dust bunnies out of the corners and skeletons out of the closet can both help you to breathe freer. You’ll feel so much lighter after you confront taxing physical and emotional mess. Tauruses find it extremely difficult to let go, but this is a favorable period for releasing stuff—literally and figuratively. A Mercury-Pluto battle implies that your thinking related to work, health, details and problems won’t mesh with an overarching belief. Try to avoid repetitive thoughts and critical words. The solar eclipse in your fulfillment house inspires you to enjoy life more and seek experiences that deepen your understanding of the world. It’s a good time to explore untrodden paths to pleasure, new love and powerful self-expression. This eclipse is coaxing you to create something that will live on.

Source: Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of September 7–13

Caution TMI esp for guys

I have had some female medical issues in the past few months.. Nothing major, just hormonal things related to the chemicals I have to take for my stupid brain and this has meant I have scooted along with no proper menstrual cycle since Easter.
Yay you may say but its weird... ANYWAY recently, after doing tests with my DR, he was concerned that my injections of hormones was damaging my cervix and it had become all mushy and unhealthy. He and others recommended going off all forms of birth control and just staying with my happy pills for my brain.. OK....hMM

This had its own fall out, all drugs seem to have a withdrawal of some kind. Well.. June to Sept, all was ok.. nothing on the radar but the dr was still on Wait and see. So .. we did.

Today. Bang, the small sleeping pill did its job, and when I woke up, a bus had run over my body. I couldn't move well and even sitting up was a major effort. Hate hate hate hate.

I wanted to curl up next to a warm body and hibernate. Alas, I have shifts to get to and so, after a soothing warm lower back rub, I heaved myself from the couch that I had gravitated to and with no enthusiasm, into the cold for work.
I can't stay awake, my muscles are sore and I slept all the way into work. I want desperately to put my head down and sleep...

Its 3am and I have 3 hours to go.

Fingers crossed I remember to get off to collect my car.

In slightly related (health ) news, my experiment to drop 25mg from my happy pills with the view to eventually weaning off them, has seen a return (Not often) of my out of body moods. Weird. They don't faze me too much except makes driving tough as I have to keep my brain looking where I am going and remembering to operate the car. (And don't worry I am being monitored)
It was mentioned Sat night that I didn't seem to be there. I wasn't. I wonder, if I play a hypnosis mp3 whilst absent, would it be more effective?? Ideas???
Am I the only one who disappears mentally on occasion?
Can I do a cool thing with this?

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