Friday, September 11, 2015


I am a terrible sick person. I whinge and whine and then I have no energy to get even basic things done. I am slightly germophobic and if people come to work sick, I take it as a personal affront.
I was so ill on Wednesday that even my signallers said I sounded near death. AW they care.. :) I rang the roster clerk and said I would stay until the end of my shift then go off sick. Hung up the phone and immediatlely regretted saying I would stay. The headache hit and I was seriously struggling.
I cleaned off the desk with anti bacterial, not very handy for a virus but its all I had available.

I was met at the station with a lift and cold and flu tablets. Hurrah!! Dinner was short but still yummy. I love the $10 steak night.
SOO Thursday was off sick I couldn't get out of bed before noon and even the dog stayed close to me. Poor thing wasn't fed until I managed to get up.
I had a long long conversation with Deb as City Chic has 30% for Glam members so she had to order through my account to get the higher discount.

Vertical, my mother took pity on me and drove down from her place 30 mins away so I could stay in bed.. Or so she said. ..


I had to get my nails done

My budget had been stretched for the past two fortnights and finally my overgrown nails started to break. Time for action.
On the way to the beauticans we had to drop stuff off at St Vinnines. We spied a table and chairs. PLus some bar stools. H had said perviously that the stools we had were not confortable , though he denies this, it could have been Fabian.  A male had said previously that the bar stools were not comfy and here.. on the St Vinnies Lawn were better ones. Mother rush in to negotiate a deal and whilst she was inside several other couples started to show interest in the table set. NOOOOOOO. Broken nails took a back seat whilst we did high finance. AKA Mother spent the money.
Mother guarding her purchases whilst doing high finance

Back to the house, Brandon helps unload. I was sweating, not due to the table (It was light) but my fever was high at this point.

Getting grumpy now, I returned to the shops and tried to have me time with mother talking business in my ear for around 90 mins. Luckily Gustos had some suspended coffees so I could get a freebie, PHEW. 

Its amazinbg how the ladies can rebuild a nail from a gel. Shorter to make my broken one match in but she did a great job. 

Aldi was an expensive exercise.. A new dog bed for the aging hound.. and a clock. We took ages trying to decide on which clock., Didn't need a clock but these are mega awesome. 

Home and Brandon returned.. He helped move the snakes and the cabinet that needed to move to fit in the table. To be honest I wasn't ready but my mother can be a hurricane and she wants my house to be a home to people to be welcome. She tends to run roughshod over me esp when I am sick but its because she is trying to help. Anixety rose when H returned from work and seemed very unhappy with the mess made.. we sent him off to walk both dogs. Basil, mother's dog is overweight and needs a good long walk or two. When they all returned, the little dog plopped down next to H and went to sleep. Hank kept pestering me as he knows when I am stressed. 


Look MA!! A flat surface!

Mother stayed for dinner before heading off to collect cash from Deb for layby and do some tailoring tomorrow.

I collapsed in a heap with the kracken and cold and flu tablets.

Oh and my OOTD

LTS top and leggings. 

Top is Long Tall Sally as are the leggings. I wear an M in LTS. the top is a light cotton and very comfy. Over sized so I could get away with an S. Damned if I can find it on the web site. The leggings are the yoga leggings what my mother calls modesty leggings. :)

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