Thursday, September 10, 2015

If wishes were horses

I'd have a herd.

I am loving the autumn colours from my northern neighbours. I am an autumn baby and earthy colours suit me. :) (Except orange hair..)

Here are some wishes and some naught naught purchases that I am waiting for. I did promise to stop shopping but damn it hard at change of season time.

Tomorrow i will do better. Every day I get better. (I have spent my tax money already)

All from ASOS
Top to bottom

1. Lost Ink Denim Flare with Matelot Button Front
2.  Stevie May San Antonio Long Sleeve Maxi Dress in Black
3.  Lost Ink Printed Maxi Dress with Obi Belt
4. Glamorous Tall Paisley Print Maxi Dress With Lace Up Front

Trouble is.. all except nu,ber 4 are avialble in my size. Only up to size 14. BOOOOO The orange dress is in my size and there is an identical one in plus sizes up to size 26  but something makes me hesitate in purchasing it. Its perfect but yet, not.. I dunno..

This one I want desperately but I promised to take my son diving with the sharks so have had to pay for his dive. Sigh. Kids come first but boooooo how pretty and flowy and Boho is this??
Its goes to size 20 and is asos as well  - Here

Shoes I would love but would be in serious trouble if I did..

1.  ASOS HARMONIC High Sandals

2.  New Look Wide Fit Option Black Elastic Shoe Boots

ok SOME City Chic.. (Of course.. YES Still addicted but my friend Debra is biuy whilst I am attempting to behaive. (And failing)

Sparkle Maxi dres OMG YES!! I would shave my eye brows for this dress. SIGH..  - Here
I am so frustrated.  Still I have exceded my megre agreement and I need to cut back I will keep saying this to remind myself. 

Its drepressing but I have to TRY to honour my promise. SO far its been a hard adjustment.  It doesn't help that I get sales in my inbox. The most recent was 30% off at City Chic. 

Long Tall Sally. 
I have mlost of what I love from LTS. Sad but true. My mother being also addicted helps and she pays me in clothes (Total win)

I love these few things though.

Lace Scalloped Dress  - Here 

There is a great dress for work.. 

Red herrinbone dress - Here

Do you like anything this (Northern ) Autumn season?? Any Spring ideas??? LMK below

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