On fridays we dye granny's hair green

Fabian and I had the original plan of scuba diving today. Alas, the weather was the same as Wednesday sooooo, I was not keen for a repeat of that experience. The child agreed and so we stayed home and bumed around.
I was expecting a parcel from an adult toy company and so was wartching for the courier when I got an email saying it was at the post office. Oops. Thank you discreet packaging.

I had some target returns to do so, we headed up with the plan to do the returns, get sultana bran and milk. Have I mentioned that since the child has been in the house, we have gone through 3L of milk per day!? Thats a lot of milk. Not only him but he gets a bottle a day whereas the household goes through 3L every three days usually.

I had true dresses to return. Mostly as one was too expensive for the cost and one was creased by putting down on a chair. (Honestly! Breathe on it and it wrinkles)

One was $99! Geez..

We escaped target with only a PS4 game and a doona set for summer. Phew.. Coles was on track and I was happy when.....

Mother caught up with us..

With her, I am weak in shopping..... Back to Target as she saw some wedges she wanted..... etc etc etc,.

I found a naughty bra.. Its too revealing for here.,,. and a pair of work shoes. A belt for my jeans in the men's section.. (NOO back  in mens' clothes??) and a new nude slip for lighter woirk dresses.


I was also distracted by chickens in my mall. I ADORE chickens and these had funky hair does and feet feathers. SOO Cute!

The icecream was melting.. so F and I headed home

I was asked to dye my mother's hair, being in the mid 60's age group, she has a lot of grey/white hair and when she lets it go she ages considerably.

I chose green this time.

I dyed my mother's hair green. Fabian walked up, asked what I was doing. Dying granny's haor green and he shrugged and went to cut the black berried weed that was choking my plum tree. (A good kid)

Meanwhile H arrived and went to mow the lawn so the child was put on dog poo patrol.

The hair worked out. I like it and my mother is cool enough to rock it.

Other news, my OOTD for the am was this

Super comfy target crop top from Lilly loves. :) Belt and jeans by City chic 



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