Before my brain went into meltdown a few days ago. I took some photos of the trees around my yard.
It was a perfect spring day and I was loving the flowers and esp the scent in the air from the jasmin vines that grow like wild fire.

I have to admit I love spring. I love the warm days and the cool nights. Yesterday was so warm that I had shorts on. Even though I have put on so much weight, I still fit into my City chic shorts. (PHEW)
I was happy in my crop top and not caring what ppl though about a fat girl exposing her tummy. I had coffee in the sun, just leaning on the bricks until the next door yappies drove me inside. BOOOOO

As has been the case all week, I have dressed down for work. Jeans and a shirt. The days (The arvos I see when awake) have been in summery dresses and shorts. Totally healing my mental state by pretty dresses and flowers.

Well the last one was a dress H suggested I wear on a dinner out with my mother.

Do you dress up when your MH is low? some bloggers have suggested that they do their makeup. I tend to dress and leave my face naked (So to speak)

Spring fashion anyone? I need inspiration.

Now lets go and enjoy this beautiful weather. (Whilst its warm)


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