Weekend off part 2

Rambling continuing..

Oh and btw I have not had the Internet since the Thursday. Its been driving the household insane but we persevered.. I even started reading a book again. Quelle Horreur!

Sunday AM was spent in Ben's backyard. The boys were asleep so H and I stole their cereal and lounged in the AM sun. I even went pink! OOPS.

Everyone was eventually up and like lizards we were lounging outside. What a perfect Sunday AM. :) Ben put some purple conditioner in my hair but it didn't stick. My blue shone through. My hair was lovely and soft though and Ben straightened it for me. YAY!! No more fluffy.

We introduced H to the delights (OK maybe not.. the force of nature ) that is RuPaul. Two episodes were enough. LOL.  Whilst I like the show, I can't binge watch it. I think H had enough anyway. We headed home shortly afterwards via subway for lunch.

Got a call from mother to go via her place and she gave us some lovely fresh sour dough bread. Irresistible!!!

That went with dinner and to my shock, soon after dinner, I got hives. NOOOOOOOO I can't be allergic to bread! I will die!!! I love me bread.  Further testing required.

A trip to Bunnings and I spotting this stunning white/pale yellow magnolia. I wanted it but I didn't have $250 to throw at a plant.

OOO I would love a light green splash back!!

We got a sample pot similar to this colour

I have to repaint the lounge room now that the piano is gone.. all the patched holes show!

Monday was slated to do house work. ugh... BUT needed. .


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