Tuesday, October 20, 2015

a wild week in Vegas

Started with a stay over in Sydney to avoid the train issues that had been occuring all week since the relay room burnt down.
I had sourced a room that was under $150 a night so nabbed it, not realising how far from work that it was. Oh well worked out ok as it was near Hyde park and there was a night food festival on  :)

H and I dropped the car at my car space and hiked up to the hotel. Upon arrived, the man was pleasant and the room ok but not up to the star rating that it had advertised. Ah well. It was cheap and the bed was king sized and comfy.

Off to Hyde park after a refresh and yay!!! Beer and food.

We walked the park with our beers before finding the whiskey bar. Here I parked and had far too many. :)

Onwards to one of my fav korean places but this time it let me down. No Bipinbap so I had to find something else quickly. Was lovely but not as satisfying for H. Sigh Now he doesn't like Korean. BOO I should have stuck to the original place. Grump.

H, needing more susitance took us across the road to the pub where Mr Jamison and I got re-aquainted.

Close to the car park, we moved it closer to the hotel so H could head off to work at 3am. We were going to go to the Windsor but it had closed by this time. BOOO found the Corrination hotel was still open so settled there for H to have a guiness and steak pie and me a sundae that was not really a sundae. It was lovely to just sit and relax.

Heading off to bed we were up until midnight. Poor H only got 3hours sleep before work.

I of course, slept in and so ran slightly late. I had spilt korean sauce on my white shirt so sent it home with H and the car to be washed but in hindsight, I could have done it  here, in Vegas. Argh.
Long haul chic
Brekkie om the run
Mother was at the airport but nowhere to be seen. I checked in anyway as there was no luggage line.
Finally found mother, getting help from a United employee who gave up and took her to the vip line and left her to be handled by someone more senior, Mother got us an upgrade to premium economy for her leg. For free. WIN. KNEE ROOM!!!! Its the small things..  :)

I had seen a colleage, Bradley, and his family at the check in line, he was travelling to Lima for 3 months,. Even his 1month old was going. When we finally boarded the plane, after being at the wrong gate,, (we were shopping and having coffee) I foumd Brad was across from us. His pretty little daughter came to see my hair and its various changes on my phone., which kept her busy so her dad could settle the rest in for take off.

13hrs on the plane, Actually, for once, wasn't too bad, Drinks are not free,, BOOO so I stayed with 2 as did mother, Snacks were not free either but at least dinner and breakfast was, Phew.

THis was as far as I managed to type for two whole weeks. ARGH. Returning from Vegas I had to hit the ground running with H taking a surprise new job and sorting papers for the trip, his and mine, then jet lag. UGH.

Hopefully I'll get at least some photos up. God I need a day off just to catch up!

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