Sunday, October 18, 2015

NZ Curvettes - Body Con

OOPS Nearly forgot to post this week. :)

Frantically trying to think if what to wear for Vegas for the seminars and it occured to me to jave a look at this week's NZ Style curvettes blog hop. OOO I have inspriation for one day now. See what you think!

Dress - Avon XL Campaign 17 here so look in sale brochures

Shoes - On sale from Shoe talk in Camden $50!! Only ine pair left. Sorry. 

Sucker innner girdle by Target Gok range. I adore this shift. Its slinky and stays put :) Alas not avaliable anymore. BOOOOO

On to the dress!!

Not bad for Avon eh?? :) Alas they dont realy cater to plus sizes, this is the xl and suoposed to be a 18/20. It would awfully tight on a 20... BOO. Still great for my business trip. Wish me luck!!


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