Saturday, October 10, 2015

NZ Style Curvettes - Style challenge - Casual Friday

I thought about this and re did the blog post and took it as NOT at WORK casual. I work 7 days a week so Friday, per say means nothing and as stated, all night shifts are casual. SO I took this as casual for home. The weather today started as glorious and I had to try so some sparkly shorts and a top that I have been pondering. I usually don't like these tops as I feel wide and huge in them but they are floaty and for a hot day (It was 30C when I took these). I am still leaning towards returning this top and getting a black version instead. As I need more black in my life.. HMMMM
ANY HOO.. The shorts are a size 18 and too small. Least tight around my waist. Either I am ganing even more weight in which case my urgency to get off my meds increases or they are a small make. Either way.. These shorts are a no go. Still a bit of sparkly fun for a casual Friday before work . 

My helper was helping hence all the photos. And sorry I have not croppped them. :( Ill go back and do it later but ATM, guess what!     I'm at work. 

↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓Photo SPAM ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

Top from size 16 - Elsa Lace Insert Cold Shoulder Pleated Smock Top
Shorts from Asos Curve size 18 - ASOS CURVE Denim Mom Short in Sequin with Raw Hem and Rips
Shoes ancient house shoes.. Big W??
Hat - Dunno.. Its a fav though. Similar here or this one on sale
Sunnies from Asos - River Island Wow Jewellery Arm Round Sunglasses

Assistant -  Not for sale.

Original post
Problematic  for me.. You wouldn't thing so but it was. I am spending a week doing night shifts and this is the most casual of all the shifts which means I can wear jeans and a Tee. .  All other shifts require  business attire or a blouse and neat jeans.

I am wearing my new Asos Ripped jeans that you all saw in the last post as they are the most casual I have (and comfiest)

I paired this with a City chic top with a peep hole (for tattoo viewing of course Heehee)  and some Target flats for some added colour. Hair left down and slightly scrunched instead of ironing it flat and for once.. no makeup. :) OOOOO going all out!
WHo doesn't like a blurry selfie in the dark?

Hey! Its 3am.. give a girl some slack.. :)
One day I'll be allow to play outside.. for now, mobile selfies and bathroom pics. BOO!

Jeans from ASOS Curve.
Top from City Chic - A very old one that I got from the outlet shop
Shoes from Target
Tattoo from Thailand (Post about them is here)

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