Wednesday, October 7, 2015

OOTD Oct 6/7

Back to comfy jeans for the all nighter shift. The days are super hot and the nights lovely and cool. Perfect. Alas my work place is air conditioned so, its jeans and a hoodie almost all year around.

I was a convert to City Chic jeans for the past year, and thought I had found jeans that were perfect for me.


Totally wrong,

The comfiest jeans ever come from ASOS Curve. My goodness, I slide them on and they molded to my double belly, high enough to keep the top roll on place instead of spilling over and strecthy enough to no bite inand leave red welts on my tummy. They stretched around my ample rear and only a small gap which is due to my shape, not the jeans. A belt fixed that. (I dore belts anyway)

Topped off with a soft tee and I had the perfect night shift uniform. I got the 34inch length which is perfect for my height. :) I am wearing the UK 18 size. It seems my medication is making my weight creep up no matter what I do for exercise or diet. Sigh. Makes me more determined to get off my meds.

The necklance is from only $12 so I can't be happier.
The tee is an old City Chic one. I will be looking harder at Asos curve jeans, they are half the price of CC jeans and sooo much softer. Total win!!
Shoes are $10 favs from Target. There are similar ones here . The colours and trim come and go. Its a matter of seeing them on the day. My last pair cost $4 as they were orange :)

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