Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Rant and OOTD

Some weekends are just poo. Long weekends make it worse.

In many ways I had some great days but there were niggly small things to rain on my parade.

I am just goign to vent. You all can carry on..

1. my camera batery died and I couldn't find the remote fo OOTD photos.

2. Was shitty at the sat that was hell moving things with naggy people who don't know when to back off.

3. over $30 in tolls. Thanks NSW govt for the public/private partnership.

4. driving all day and night with a very tired guy. Then a tired teen thrown in.

5. took exception to a phrase. Whether meant on jest of not, doesn't matter. Deepened my dark cloud.

6. Snarly at eastern suburbs parking made me snap at ppl trying to help.

7. Hot weather and freeway driving with windows down. Just so much hate I just can't. Ugh. (Suburban streets are ok. I just hate the heat and noise) Made me grumpy.

8. Oh and little sleep over the friday and Sat set the scene too. Actually the whole household didn't sleep well.

9. No bloody sharks on a shark dive. I mean.. really sharks?? Really?

10.  Job applications not able to be sent in meaning the greatly more incomptetent will get the promtotion over me, possibly costing me a position in the new complex. I am so epicly pissed off at this. I tired all day to find the link but beacuse I didn't start it before the COB friday I couldn't start a new application on the monday. (Closed midnight Monday) I find this unethical but HR say suck it up princess.


OK Happy things.

1. Thursday evening, A lovely dinner at Indies. Yum! Too much food and great company.

2. Friday arvo, a visit from a friend to do my hair, there was a small spat with H before I went out to visit said friend to get her dinner. She walked up and shared with us both making life good again. XOXOX Her braised chicken was delicious as was her fried rice. Went to bed happy.

3. Sat, my brother was a charming host and a good foil between me and my mother. The boys lifted the side board and loaded the ute without fuss. They did a great job. Stuart had mother's caramel slice which is the best ever.

4. Scuba diving. H for me two octopus!!! I was thrilled to pieces!! (see previous post)

5. Being looked after all wekend. No matter my foul mood, my son made me smile and I was always treated with respect by all. I am grateful to the men in my life. XOXOX

6. D trying to help me find the stupid job application link. Thanks d! We never found it but wasn't through lack of trying.

7. Deb for being a sounding board :)

8. Lovely dinner and drive back from Fairfield with great company.

9. Sleeping all day today. OK I lost a day but with nights looming, I needed to recharge.

10. Finally after a month getting an email re my Kogan order. Geez guys!

11. a joint personal project getting started. If only its the outline on the tiles stage. Its a beginning.

12. frozen yoghurt treat!

13. Cruisy first half to my shift. If I have to be here 11.5 hrs then I appreciate the easy start before peak.

In other news, whilst I still have last week's OOTD on my camera, I have tonight's/ tomorrow..

The dress was first seen (by me) on Leah's blog. She did it for the end of spring and I loved her styling. As its so hot here at night and over 30C during the day, it was the perfect dress.

I have worn it before, but this was the first time to work.
I felt pretty until one male colleague said it was a fruit bowl and a female one stated it was ugly. :(
Sigh.. Back to the black cloud of doom.
People just don't think before they open their mouths. It hurts though.

Dress from Boohoo plus - Amber Rose Maxi dress
Wrap/Scarf thing from Autograph - 2 in 1 coverup and scarf
Necklace from Boohoo - Cher Layered Trinket Necklace
The belt is several years old now. I just don't like the dress detail so I prefer a wide belt. :)

I don't think its ugly. Maybe I am kidding myself? Thoughts?? Am I letting others into my headspace?

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