Friday, November 27, 2015

1st world delicate lives

So.. it happened.. The day I have been dreading.. the power to my house was going to switched off by the electricity suppliers to work on the local substation. They had sent me a leaflet, so I was prepared but I was, as feared, woken up by the heat of the bedroom as it has to be enclosed for darkness.
Sleep being an impossibility, my tired brain thought.. go put the washing on and get busy..


Noo. Hmm

OK lets make a coffee


NOOOOOO.. hmmmmm

Toast? No.. crap..

No laptop I have my mobile, but it was at 50% as it had been running on battery since 8am..

Brainwave.. Head off to Gustos and have a brekkie there and get coffee.. I washed my hair after an oil treatment (Hey that doesn't need power) and dry hair..


NOOO. Ugh. OK hair in Bun and pay the hairdresser to blow dry it. Yes! A plan!

Down to the shops and I started at the Hairdressers.. Can I get my hair dried?? please??

Sorry ma'am we can't do it until 3pm.. BOO. Its only noon!

Breakfast. Had more luck. They were as welcoming as ever and the chef enquired as to where I had been and after I explained I have been flat out with work, more to the point, night shift, she states flatly, that's why you put on weight.. If I didn't love this lady I would have been insulted.. my reply was I wasn't eating her healthy meals and that's why. Got my smile :)
Still it still stung. Ah well.. not to let that ruin my day, I did some juggling of money and read some of my book that I have been too busy to read. It was soo relaxing.

Brandon went past on his bike and, after seeing me, popped in to join me. We wandered the town for a while and I even sourced some hat pins. Not as long as I would like but HAT PINS!!! Had to pay through the nose.. BOOOO

Tried to source some Inktense pencils but the office supply place had none. They promised to ring me with a quote.. I expected before 4pm... but no.

I took Brandon and his bike home, as we talked about me selling some of my PS3 games that I don't play. Mostly ones Tim played at my place many years ago. He finished them and Fabian doesn't play them. We made a pile for sale. :)

I still need to go through some more dresses as I have to fund my upcoming surgery. 30th of Jan and I need to find $13k eep.(Plus $7k later in the year) . At this point that If you see anything I wear on the blog, make me an offer :)

I have set up a small store on Shopenvy.. I have listed a heap on Gumtree. I need to get more up. Open to offers :)

Annoyed at Wild Kitty, they changed their returns policy and now they want me to accept a store credit. NOO The dresses don't fit and the styles done suit me, I don't want a store credit that I will forget about, at a store I shop at once a year. I have more things to do with my money.
From now on I will be avoiding that store. Now I have two dresses I can't wear and can't return. I asked for a refund but as yet have not received a reply so I am nervous about returning them. ARGHHH Well anyway be aware of this new policy when buying from them.
Sorry lost my business. Shame.

Selling for my cost less postage.. this Sweet Kisses dress in UK 18 (Tight 18 more like a 16)
and this Cap Sleeve V neck dress size 18 (Also small ) both $75 AU


Heath came home early and I was sent to bed, I have a tendency to not sleep then struggle at the end of my shift. Tonight's shift was 11.5hrs and so the nap. Yes I can be a 2year old at times. Still, I did sleep and H did the shopping. When I got up at 1800hrs I was greeted with a roast chicken meal. YUMMY plus that means roast chicken sandwiches at 2am.  WIN


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