Thursday, November 26, 2015

60's revival

I found this dress on ASOS.. it was on sale from a ridiculous $94 to a more reasonable $43 plus they has a special of 30% off everything so.. OK I make the click to buy..

Its a mini dress and I am over 40, over weight and over stuffed with clothes as it is, but when have I ever listened to what people think?


I actually have been loving the 1960s revival.
Even more than the 1970s clothing as the 1960s were feminine and yet women were finding a new freedom .. they wanted equal pay for equal work, an end to domestic violence, curtailment of severe limits on women in managerial jobs, an end to sexual harassment, and sharing of responsibility for housework and child rearing. HMM we are still waiting. Still in the 1960s women couldn't get a credit card without their husband's permission, they couldn't even open a bank account. You were expected to leave work if you get pregnant and stay home.

Still, it was the 1960s that allowed women like me today to work in my job and be in a management role. This wouldn't have been possible in the 1960's.

Still a part of me yearns for days when I could be at home, cook and look after my beloved.. argh.. I'd be bored in a week but I have weeks that this sounds like bliss.

Off topic there.. anyway after having a major photography 101 fail I ended up with OOTD photos all out of focus as I had the lens on manual focus from my macro photography a few days ago.

OK without much more rambling here are super out of focus photos.
The dress is still on sale and goes to size UK18 (USA14) The bodice is fitted so not much wiggle room in sizes but the skirt flares out nicely. You MUST have nice undies or bloomers. I partnered the dress with last season's over the knee boots from Betts and a green floppy hat also from Asos (Liquorish Wool hat in Green)

Photos below..

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