Friday, November 13, 2015


I went to  funeral. I swore not to go to any more funerals ever since the death of a friend's baby and that was enough for me.
H pointed out, that I can't NOT go to this funeral as it was a very close friend's brother. I didn't knw the man but I had to be there to support and he was right.As usual. This will make him smug. I hate it when he is right. BOOOO.

OK so I asked work for the day off and then I offered to drive my friend, her friend and my mother all the way to Glebe.

For a funeral this was lovely. It wasn't a full Catholic Mass but prayers for the deceased. The church was stunning and the gathering was a nice size of friends and family.

The weather was supposed to be raining and crap but it was lovely and warm.

We made an entrance, 4 ladies in black wearing hats. No one else were wearing hats so we stood out. My friend looked amazing, and it hurt to see her suffering, but she managed the funeral well, even reconnecting with her family outside and later at the pub, seeing her flit around like a social butterfly. I was talking to Bec, her friend and it was obvious her family missed her.

At the Wake. Had left my hat in the car, 

At the wake, the weather changed, mother and I were getting antsy so we took our leave but not before my shoes were swapped out and I wore my friend's heels and she took my more comfy heels for the rest of her day.

Aside fro the fact it was a funeral, it was a good day and it was really a lovely send off.


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