Saturday, November 14, 2015

Heart on my sleeve dress

Again from Pho Sizzle, this was purchased by me on sale. Its from the Year of the Goat collectionI was beyond thrilled to grab one.  Like most Pho Sizzle clothing, The pieces are very very limited so you have to dive in where you see her facebook posts. I have learnt to not heistate when I get a post.. This was from an older collection.

This wonderful dress is made from Polyester and is warmer to wear so wont see a lot of wear until next year.

Its a good mini length on my 174cm frame and the arms are lovely and long. The quality of this dress is superb and I anticipate it will last for years. It doesn't crease easily either.
The design is diamonds with dots, in three colours red, cream and white which is an eye crosser up close but very pleasing on the dress. The red trim sets it all off. The more modest of us will happier with legging underneath and I think that will look awesome.

Its very very comfy and I have to do proper photos next time I have a day off to do this dress justice..

In the meantime, here is my size 16

Sorry Pho Sizzle for the crappy photos. I promise to replace them asap. xoxo

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