Sunday, November 22, 2015

Off the grid

After the self pitying naval gazing of Friday's video/post which had me in tear, and absent.. I had the feeling that I was trailing my body along for the day. Good body, I don't love it enough but it went to work and I followed, it did the motions of working and it headed home.
I had my work husband with me (A phrase for my panel partner) so we drove home ranting about work and both felt better when I dropped him off.
I was home around 1am and crawled in gratefully next to the sleeping man in my bed.
Bliss is sleep when these separated mood settle in.. sometimes it takes days for my self to rejoin humanity sometimes only a few hours. I prefer sleep during this time just to help things come good. I think its a drug side effect.. its very very weird.

I felt like Gagravarr. Its not the first time this has happened either. LOL. Good party trick??


Saturday was a da I had been counting down to with some angst and also excitement. I haven't been to River Island for almost a year and I was looking forwards to being off line for a day. My mother, recently retired has been driving over almost everyday, or messaging constantly and I was frazzled and highly strung. I had asked H to wake me up early so we could head down, but he was also anxious about going so didn't wake me up until after 10am. Naughty boy. I should have set an alarm but it was nice to sleep in.

Breakfast at Ryan's the toast was so cripsy, it was impossible to cut but the eggs were runny and the coffee thick and creamy.

Heading down to Mittagong, the weather had turned blue and sparkly.

We arrived at our destination. I can't tell you what H was thinking but as the spare key for the cabin was missing, I asked Katina for her copy and we settled dumped our stuff.
First order of business was walk to the crossing. I wanted to swim in the river and just turn off.

The river was wonderfully warm. You lie back and all you would see was mountains and trees. The camp site down the river had a car radio and that was the only noise. It was rejuvenating and connecting.. my pieces merged together and I was happy.
A blue dragon fly flitted about and eventually sat on H's head. We noticed a little late that one of the guys had walked across the river and was watching us play in the river.. OOPS. Sprung
Once he noticed that we had noticed, he suddenly got busy moving logs. ROFL..
A thing nibble dmy thigh before making a go for H's hand.. still not sure what it was.. we departed the water soon after. The wind had picked up anyway.

Heaven is on earth. really.

I didn't have a camera, a phone, or anything electronic.  So here are some old photos from the same place.


View from the Buff Point

2008-12-14_1927-37 Kangaroos at River Island

River Island

We played rush hour by the pool before heading home via Subway for food.

Its officially the most perfect day of 2015. Went to bed happy and sleepy and all in one piece. :) Tomorrow.. WORK!!

Sunset at River Island

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