Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pho Sizzle Sitri Blouse and Melek Taus Kimono

Next from Pho Sizzle in my hot little hands is the blue sheer tee, the Kimono and there was a black skirt but that was HUGE! So I can't wear it. In the mean time, the day is hot so I matched up the Sitri Sheer Blouse with the MELEK TAUS KIMONO and jeans for my afternoon shift. The blouse is fantastic for the hot day and the Kimono has a weight in the bodice that keeps me warm as the train train home is after midnight.

The blouse is a delicate fabric I found when my bracelet caught thread and made a small run but that's to be expected in a sheer cotton (I think) The symbol for the demon Sitri which, according to Pho Sizzle's web site.."Sitri is a demon that loves beauty and luxury and also encourages people to get naked"
Sounds like the demon for me. :) The back of the shirt is longer so I don't suffer the ride up that most shirts do on me :) Win win win. I am wearing a cream bra and its not obvious here at work that the shirt is sheer. I know if you look, you can see my skin and bra but its not in your face. I want all of these sheer shirts!! I missed out on the Moroccan Sheer Top

The Kimono is a limited edition.. The sleeves are light blue open weave type material and the black fabric is medium weigh giving it some warmth. In this I had to size down, Jacquie has that XL is 14-20 but on me it was so large I could fit my mother and me in it. I asked and got a smaller size.  The L is listed as 8 to 16 but I could say closer to 16-20 and XL 20 to 24. Or its most likely I prefer a more fitted top .. either way its got super pretty prism buttons and a rounded neckline like a baseball jersey. The peacock feather is on the back and screen printed on I adore the heart in the middle of the design.

Exciting news!   :) Have you seen Jacquie's  sneak peek on instagram!! I am soo there.. Pre orders please !!!

Photos of the shirt and Kimono below the cut!!

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