Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Pho Sizzle

I paid for these clothes myself. Though I love Jacquie, I won't sugar coat my opinions.

I do have to say, Pho Sizzle is my fav brand, its Australian, its small, its independent and the designer/owner is amazing. You have seen her previous collections on this blog, but this newest release is by far my absolute favourite. I adore crows and when I saw she had crow buttons and a crow shirt I was sold. I even begged for a pre order just ti make sure I got the shirt. (She said no.. BOO hahahhaha Worth a shot eh?)
I can't always afford to get her clothes, I have missed out on the golden pony top the berry pencil, the  Goat skirt and the lantern skirt.. (OK even 16 would be a tight fit here)  Sometimes I find even the side 16 is smaller than my 14s so you have to really watch the measurements on each piece.
LUCKILY Jacquie is friendly and happy to help. She will let you know if a piece is too small for you or maybe you will have issues fitting a cut (As with the fish dress last year)

You can see some of her pieces on my blog - here and here Its been along time since I have managed to splurge on some lovely pieces so in this collection I went all out.

For today.. The raven shirt and the plain skirt.(The Collection explaination and look book is here)

The Raven Top is a generous fit, its sheer but the print is in a location that your modesty is mostly protected. I love that yoiu can see my body tattoos through the shirt, but those of you not so open should wear a white bra and camisole. The shirt is short but not crop length so it does tuck into the skirt. You can buy it here but there are super limited sizes.. (aka I have the 18 and there is only 1 size 20)

The skirt (Found here )fit my waist perfectly but I found the straps kept falling as they are too long. For them to fit, I need to move the skirt to the waist (Wont fit) and its not designed to go there or get my mother to move the buttons or get my mother to move the buttons.  Jacquie designed the straps to be long so as to fit almost everyone. The button detail on the front is quite lovely, and made the outfit really come together with my bowler hat.. sorta urban ganstery .. chuckle... or not. The length on me was perfect, the fabric is not too heavy, I can wear it from spring to autumn The cotton is easy to wash in cold making is a staple for this season for me.

(Did that even make sense?)

Over all you can dress these pieces up or down and the skirt will appear at my work in the coming months.  The shirt is too sheer for work but maybe I will be daring.
Here you can see my chest tattoo easily

Support an independent designer and rush over to Pho Sizzle and grab the few pieces left. Try and beat me to the rest!! (And if you own any of the pieces I mentioned that I missed out on.. contact me!! I still want them!)

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