Tuesday, November 24, 2015

positive days

The past weekend has reminded me how lucky I am. How privileged and well loved I am.

I did have to work on Sunday, but as it was am shift, it gave H a chance to catch up with his own offspring and have a day out with them :) The weather for the past three days has been amazing and even though I have 7 night shifts coming up, I can cope, knowing I get Xmas off with the people I adore. I can do this :)

I have been also very lucky to be fitted into the surgeon, who, was booked out but had a cancellation so he will see me and my mother (Different issues) on Thursday PERFECT !!

 I am stupidly excited. I know it won't be simple, it wont be cheap and it will take months to be 100% but damn it, I have had this on the bucket list for decades. This coming year is going to be again me year for me working on me for me.

2015 started in self destructive mode but has been more and more positive as the year progressed.

Everything is coming up Yvonne.

Slowly but surely.

Monday was spent with my mother who came over with a huge box of clothes for me. She dyed my hair raspberry and purple to make the blue fade quickly without much bleach and this took around 5 hours..

SOO I started the day this way

My hair was layered by the last hairdresser I went to and hence its frizzy and unmanageable. Its also dry from the bleach I used quickly in the USA. Harsh stuff. UGH. Still Blue has run its course.. I made commitment to be red by summer and so., I was going to get the process started, Afte mother had finished with me,, It looked like this. 

I have been tot he PO today (Tuesday) and Tammy said she preferred the purple/raspberry better.
Its funny, I change all the time but I find each changed tough. My brain is resisting the change and I am critical of the colour but everyone else likes it. I will too I know but I oddly, find change hard. LOL.

Weird brain.

ANYWAY the clothes that were brought are down below..

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