Monday, November 16, 2015

Sea foam

Old faded colour.. and Friday's OOTD
City Chic dress XS -
Traffic was crap.

I have left my hair colour for a few weeks, and it had faded to a greenish, turquoise colour. This is didn't mind, most people thought it was blue anyway for some reason but I had the afternoon for Yvonne time. I arrived home from work around 1300hrs and high tailed it to the beautician's for a pedicure. I had not had one since the week before MY Vegas trip so it had been several weeks (And they still looked amazing.)
I only needed a pedicure but I was convinced to have an eyebrow wax. OK yes they were out of hand and the girls are not shy in coming forwards. They were very critical of the Vegas eyebrow wax and showed me why. One was thicker then the other, the thinner one was flat and not even and the lady told me to grow one out whilst she fixed the thicker one. Lots of tsking.. Last time I pay a lot for a 5 star wax, my girls in Picton are better value. Two hours or so later, I felt refreshed and able to manage my hair issue..


First bleaching.. ATM I am using Splat Ombre in Rain this time, I know I promised to work towards red again but I can't get enough blue atm. Its a happy colour for me. The Ombre packets have bleach in them but there is not enough for mid/long hair and also its pretty mediocre bleach. I used it much to my scalp's dismay (Itch itch itch) then mixed up my own after I saw it wasn't  really enough for my lengths. Bah.  Wrapping it in plastic to keep it warm and working, I finally got to this sea foam colour after 15 mins. That's close enough, my hair is brittle so I have to take extra care not to over process. (Even H says its dry and straw like. SIgh)

Funnily enough the pastel colour I was looking for a month ago appeared. Grump. When you want pastel you can't get it.

Just bleached.. Sea Foam

I didn't get  much time to finish the dye before H arrived home. :) The dog stood in the doorway waiting as it was now raining. He hears the truck and jumps up. 

The finished Ombre had been getting me compliments all day from male work colleagues.. They like the dark to light :)

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