Friday, November 6, 2015

Some Outfit photos

I have finally waded through my mail pile from my week or so away. I know Heath is snotty with me. Its hard to break a habit. I have returned a heap as I have to sell or give away something for an item I keep. This makes me choose if I LOVE an item or just ike it.

I had added some fails.

Asos Catsuit fail

Catsuit here..On sale

City Chic top and Rockmans Skirt

City Chic Top  - here
Rockmans Skirt now on sale for $25! The City Chic top is LOWWWWWW i was flashing ppl all day.. I needed a cami under. Otherwise love this combo.

A lovely dress from Jaquie

Heart dress from Phosizzle Threads. I adore it!!

A staple for work
Bandage dress from Noni B. Last year's stock

I loved this combination

Asos Top - Simiar here and the oriinal top here 
Kmart Skirt(From ages ago) 
Belt from Asos and Jacket was City CHic also old. A great work combo. Comfy and easy to make dressy with accessories.

I can't remember where the necklace came from Maybe Deb will remember.

City chic there up some fails this time. (Shock!!)

Target Maxi for a day at home.
Target Maxi - Autumn collection so not for sale now
Off hem on this dress from TS14+. I returned it

TS14+ Carnivale dress in XS - Here. Its soft and comfortable and I would keep it except the stupid hem bothers me. It billows out with a sealed pointed end both at the front and the back. Whilst I got it at 50% off, its still $72 so.. back it goes.
Um.. no. 
City Chic Soft Layer Tunic on Sale here. Its more green than yellow, giving my skin a sallow look. More suited to other skin colours. Aniseh would look amazing in this. For me.. nooooooo
Eh.. Have a better Pinny from Jacquie
City Chic Tiffany Bow dress - On sale here. Its ok but the white is essentially a boob tube with the large straps over the top. Its an all in one. The bow is in the small of the back, so the zip is on the side (I hate that I can't twist to get them and they always bite me)
Top from Rockmans. 
Sale top from Rockmans. Was $20 and I paired it with simple jeans. Easy for shopping. Wish I knew where my ear phones (Seen in the photo) were. Haven't seen them since this photo.
Loved this top but for some reason I returned it. 
Should have kept it. Sigh. #Fail It is $47.. Maybe I decided it was expensive for the price. Simple cotton top.. WHat do you guys think?

The heels went back. Couldn't get them done up on my ankle the angle was all odd.
The sneakers were returned to get a larger size.
Pompom Heels here
Rose sneakers here (Small fit - Size up!)

David and Kat visited me and we had Maccas for dinner. My burger was the best! :) Spicy tomato relish.. yum.....

Its been pouring for a week and all my washign is still wet, even having it hung inside. ARGH.. The dog has brought half of the garden in with him and H will return home soon.. HA. Lets hope the house is at least slightly ship shape by this arvo :)

Thus ended the week. XOXO

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