Saturday, November 28, 2015

Team Stripes

As you all know, I am team Colour.. I fight the fight against bored grey/black and muted coloured wardrobes. BUT in my off time, I am team stripes. If its monochrome, I love stripes. Now I had never thought much about this or the fact that large women should avoid stripes that go one way and ok the other or some rot.. I was inspired by this post from Australian blogger Melissa Horn
 Like her. stripes and also like her the more different directions the better.

Target, City Chic and Ezibuy have been selling stripes this month or so and I have been indulging. Even a stripy skirt from Asos made the hanger. (Yes I judge clothes on hanger worthiness. I only have so many)

Melissa has some great posts like - How to wear Stripes like a boss
                                                      - Black and White
                                                      - Are Horizontal stripes really making you look fat?

Without further Ado..

City Chic Striped Maxi Size xs

City Chic Criss X Spot Tunic/Dress (OK this was returned because I didn't adore it) Size XS

EziBuy Grace Hill Wish list dress

And Grace Hill Striped Kaftan which is on sale. :) I am in size 18

Cheaper range is Target which had this up to size 20 (Edit at time of publishing size 20 had sold out BOO) I am wearing the 18

Stripe Trapeze tank (Damn it also sold out sizes 18 and 20) 

What annoys me is Target only go up to size 20 in the trendier things. My mother bought me this dress (I haven't done photos in) 

And it only goes up to size 18. Why? Its a tight 18 too.. Hmm 

Stripes.. YAY!?? Or NAY!?? for you?? LMK!

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