Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Vegas Day 4 Investors Summit Day 2


Summit Day 2 only one ,ore day to go :) By this time I had exhausted my resources, the Australian dollar being 63c so I was paying 1/3 more on every transaction. I had not purchased anything until I found the handbag store. Mum was egging me on and even splurged herself. Sigh.

We had found on day one in Vegas the Hat store. and had managed to avoid returning to it. It was a dangerous shop to be in but I decided I needed a fedora. Hmm I ended up buying a bowler hat. I usually wear only sun hats in summer and some caps in winter (I have a leather one given to me many years ago by a Russian bus driver, fur lined.. and well loved gift. Long story but I treasure this cap)
Today I also played hookie again as I couldn't move my left arm without pain so had a deep tissue massage. (ouch) The masseuse was wonderful and she even told me where to eat and the nearest Whole foods.

OK photos!!!

Met wonderful people

The raseberry maxi dress was for the international investors dinner. I wanted to dress up and there others didn't I was asked why I did and I had to give my standard reply. Because I wanted to, I can and its Vegas on a friday so why not??

Dress is Long tall Sally and was linked here

Indeed! Why not :)

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