Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Vegas Day 4 Investors Summit Day 3

LAST Day! Well of the summit

Saturday I was sad, in a way, but excited as I get to go home tomorrow.  The lectures were amazing. We had Veil corporate talk. I thought it would be boring but I was fascinated. Good way to spend 6 hours.  :)
After the seminar, we were essentially thrown out but thats OK, MOther and I had two exhibitions to go to.

Bodies and Titanic. Mum didn't really want to go but she didn't want to be in Vegas and see nothing so we went. I was still in heels and so half way through I had to walk around in bare feet. OUCH OUCH.
Mum was there 30 minutes loner than I was. She loved the bodies exhibiton. I would urge everyone to go.Its amazing. Esp the blood vessels and veins. Very very cool!

By the time we had finsihed, the ghost tour of the Titanic was starting. It was ok for the start but by room 3 it had worn thin and mum and I abandoned the tour to head off. We were both tired and grumpy and ghost stories were just grating.  Shame. Awesome videos of the titanic dive and the real ship. The big piece was amazing.

I thought we would head up for sleep but mother wanted to go to the Venetian hotel to see the Gondalas. HMM We took a cab.

Didn't get back until after 1am . Again, HA.

Was supposed to dye my hair but I crashed, I had to threaten my mother to turn off the light.. LOL

Sunday at last!!

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