Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boxing Day

Well I had a successful Xmas..

 I invited a friend over who was going to be alone and my mother who was also going to be alone. She usually spends Xmas with my borther who was going overseas for skiing..

H and I had spend yesterday evening working on some muscle aches then a plan for my rehab. It was calm and I think successful. Time will tell.

IN the am after a well deserved sleep in, H went down to Wollongong to see his children on Xmas morning, I got stuck into cooking.  The lamb needed 6hrs in the slow cooker so it was sort of a rush job as my friends had a late arvo date plus work after Xmas lunch.  I attempted rum balls but they were a fail, I gave up and found the junk food we had in the cupboard.

Failed Rum Balls next to chocolate

I laid out the table using my crokery that my grandpa had given to me when I turned 18. (THAT long ago) No one had ever opened the box before today.
Mother turned up, I had just broken a jar which decided to spread it's shards far and wide, so I asked mother to pick up my friend who doesn't drive.
Mother had apprently asked my friend to unload her ute whislt dressed in heels and a silk dress. Typical of my mother. My friend was unimpressed. lol

Still she arrived and we settled into a happy arvo. Her date had cancelled on her so we had the whole arvol.
I  raided my wardrobe and gave her a dress that looks amazing on her.

Doesn't she look amazing! Merry Xmas Deb!
Senorita dreas City Chic - XS - Small cut too small for me.  - Here
Bright Bunch dress from City Chic - XS - here
Chiffon Shrug XS - Here

Target Botanical Dress up to size 20 - Here Mother finds it hard to get out of. She put a ribbon in the zipper at the back. 


I prefer it with the black shawl. What do you prefer??

We had a great arvo chatting and had a heap of prawns. :P Yummy. Not a lot of alcohol flowed but that was ok :)

Lunch/Dinner was yummy. The lamb was perfect and the beef was just as good.,, Deb made the gravy from scratch and it was amazing!! Thank you Deb. H seemed to like my lamb even though I did an orange sauce which he hates. :)  (Too sweet) 
I started making the desert, golden syrup dumplings, and Deb went outside with the dogs.She found the resident lizard had come out to enjoy the sun. 

The dog was happy, he got a huge bone and had buried it.

My outfit.. Well I was cooking. So by the time I had photos taken I had splashes. GRR Sthe yellow top is long to the knees

Target Split back long line tank in yellow goes to size 20 - Here 
Ezibuy Capture Stretch Skinny pants - Here up to size 20 _ I had to keep pulling them up and Heath says he could see my panties which were white also. Sigh.. Not good for anything unless you have along shirt.
 Anyway from my little family to yours Hope your Xmas was amazing, safe and you are all well.


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