Monday, December 28, 2015

Just the two of us

I asked the teen if he wanted to spend Monday at the movies whilst I go to work so he isn't moping around the house. Great idea and the neighbour's boy can go too. Great until said neighbour's boy had to work on Monday soooooo they wanted to go today (Aka Sunday) Um ok. I don't see my teen often but I recognise that at 15, he is more likely going to enjoy a day with another teen than with his mum. SOOO H suggested going to the local waterfalls. I had to change a lunch with Tim to a dinner on New Year's day, we had the diesel car full and the camera. Off to the waterfalls.

It was a cold day. didn't get above 16C I had to wear a cardigan by the afternoon.

Waterfall 1 was Carrington. Lots of people at the edge of the falls, looks like a great place to swim on a warmer day. It IS summer?? Isn't it?

From here we drove to a lookout. This was just up from the falls and had a 400m bush track to access. All was fine until I went to photograph a Banksia seed pod.

There was an intense pain at my ankles and I looked down to see three bulldog ants biting me. I brushed them off to find they were hanging on for dear life. They were going to ate me where I stood come hell or high water. H had to flick them off and the pain didn't subside. I was super grumpy now and stormed off, with H laughing behind. Yeah will next time he can be eaten. Its a shame my flesh is much more delicious than his.
Still grumbling, H found some lichen that he thought would be interesting. He was 100% correct. I perked up and with H on ant patrol, I got down in the leaf litter to shoot this rather curious growth.

Doesn't it look like coral? I didn't have my reading glasses and so I was shooting blind with a macro lens. I ruined to many photos of some surrounding curious lichen and fungi and just tiny plants. Such a shame. I have to learn to take my glasses.

A little farther down, H spotted a lizard. I was shhh'ed and when I saw why.. He has seen a Cunningham lizard, 'Sunning'  - Not much sun but they absorb UV.
Cute little guy. A 3 lined skink nearby was less welcoming.

The view was pretty. Can you see the Illawarra Flame tree?

Sorta hard to miss. 

Some Banksia were late in blooming

Returning to the car, H spotted the same breed of beast that attacked me and caught it for me to get photos.  He pissed it off so much it stood still threatening him, makign it easy to focus on. 

Yeah.. those pincers hurt. Tim tells me we have over 90 species of these monsters. UGH.

ONWARDS to Jamberoo. We were going to have a meal at the pub but there was over a 45 minute wait so we wandered up to the pie shop. Wonderful pies and although I had half a mud muffin, I talked H into an apple turnover. We both regretted it. The pies though were delicious. Much much better than the Robertson pie shop.
H drove us to the Minnamurra Rainforest but the car queue was out the gate and they were doing one out, one in. U turn out of there, we will do that another time, I got some local honey at a road side stall and we headed up the hill again. This time to the tree top walk.  It was very expensive, least I was surprised at the cost $25 per adult. Ouch. Half that would be more reasonable. We paid it and wandered the walk. I enjoyed watching the Zip line goers.. ($75) and the view from the walkway. I was not lucky enough to find a copperhead snake or a wombat (Except the dead one on the road in) but we spotted a few crimson Rosellas.  I got H on film so to speak. Caught him unawares which is the best way.


He will kill me for putting those here. 
Another skink at the Skywalk

The next waterfall was Belmore. This waterfall had a lovely pond halfway down.

I SOO want to swim there but I even though I could abseil down, I don't have the body strength to rock climb up. BOO.


We went to the edge of the waterfall, over the little ford, and were greatly entertained at the tourists who, spotted the water and backed right up. It was only ankle deep at most.  I got some photos of H taking my car across and then of course, he splashed me. I saved the camera.


We had to shop for veggies at the local Robertson market and she had milk cheaper than Coles. (Coles is $1 per litre) The veggies were super yummy. Her potatoes were excellent. I highly recommend the local produce. (For my overseas readers Robertson is home of the Giant "Potato")

Home and the teen was at the neighbour's house. He wandered home and had some great stories to tell. I am glad he got out to be a teenager and we got to see some local sites that I had not been to before.

How did you spend your weekend????

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