Monday, December 7, 2015

NZ Curvettes - Hats and Headwear

My mother and I Love headwear

Hats and headwear!!

Mother splashed out on a Cloche
Can you tell I am excited :) I have FARRRRR too many hats and I have a deep love for Bowler and Boater styles. I DO wear a fedora often to work and I have a stunningly beautiful one from Chapel hats a store my mother and I have banned ourselves from going to for our own financial security.

I have many books on making hats and fascinators and in the past have made some fascinators but recently mother has retired and is bored to I urged her to dabble in Millinery. Because .. weird family.. Nah she likes to dabble in these things as much as I do and she now has the time. :) Have a walk into some my Hat collection.
Fedora of awesomeness The Gallivant
This fedora came from Vegas from Chapel hats they do post at a flat fee so fill up the box!! Alas this one is out of stock now. Bah Qulity hat, well made and worth every cent.

(Leopard sun pic missing Leopard Sun)
Dirty Mirror from hell
Floppy Hat from Asos _ Wait for a special as it's not the cheapest.. Good quality hat though.
I have a few wonderful hats from Asos, and I recommend their higher end hats. They will last longer.

Some of you will have seem my hats in the wild in my outfit posts.

My bowler hat is almost a daily wear.

Boohoo fedora and a thrifted Pork Pie hat

hmm I could go on.. but.. lets move on to next week :)
Do you wear hats? Yes? No? why ?? LMK!

More hats under the cut

Kitty Kitty Hat only in chidren's size. BOO
Thrifted hats!!

Thirfted Fedora

This is why I wear large hats
This was thrifted as a present for my mother who can wear cloches, trilbies and such hats. I look stupid like the lid on a 2L coke bottle..(This I said this phase before when talking about trilbies)

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