Saturday, December 19, 2015

NZ Curvettes - Night out

This week - Going out!

I am merging this with a late running XMAS challenge for the 40 plus challenge (See below the linky)

Initially this was going to be easy as I had a night out in the city planned with a lovely hotel booked not far from my work, but ...

The best laid plans...

H had to work and the organiser of the drinkies cancelled the event anyway. BAH. No reason to stay in a city hotel, we cancelled and I stayed at home and just had an early night.

I got my Long Tall Sally order so I decided to use this haul to show what I was hoping to wear out. Two dresses were a total fail. I like body hugging but this was body strangling. I have all 4 the same size and brand.

Thsi is the Blossom Textured bead dress. Its a stiff fabric but structured so I love how it looks on.
The bag is from ASOS and found here - Its $64 as its in season but I bought it on the black Friday sale so I only paid a fraction of that. Its cute and glittery.. I do love it!

Biggest issue with this dress is, as its so stiff, I can't do it up alone.. as no one was home to help me.... I couldn't for the life of me get the zip up as it gets troublesome at the waist were the skirt means the bodice.

I got a 60% sale bargain so this and its package mate (The next dress ) were affordable. 
The Premium Fern Lace dress is lovely, stretchy and flowy. I absolutely adore the lacy fern print and the beige under slip. The issue is (If you are shy) Visible Belly line due to the light under slip. 

The next two were disappointing. Both dresses had NO stretch at all and were a small cut. The black bandage dress is a scuba material but very thick so almost no stretch at all. It hugged my belly tight and the waist line cut me in half.

Bandage Lace Trim dress - I would have to size up at least twice to get in or out of it comfortably. It only goes up to size 22 which is sold out. Sigh..

Lastly the Satin Floral back detail dress. I should have known better with this.. but its soooo pretty and I love to show off my tattoos..

So there you have 4 dresses, all I would have worn out if I was going out and in the case of some, two sizes smaller.

I took the photos inside due to the face it was over 40C when I took the photos and be damned if I was going to melt or be singed by standing in the sun.

Have a great week !

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