Thursday, December 3, 2015

NZ Curvettes - Stripes!

I did stripes  in an unrelated post seen here.. last week. Drat, rotten timing.

Where I state my case for team stripes.
This was driven home even further when Eloquii in the USA had a sale of 50% off your order so this Opposing Fit and Flare dress suddenly became affordable. Win but alas I had to ship to my address in OPAS so god knows if I will see it before Xmas.

God I am weak.. I need to **Choke** SAVE and here comes a 50% off sale. ARGH. 
I found this one too but at the exorbitant price I can only dream of owning it. Of finding the material and making one (Ok paying a Tailor to make one)

Seriously how cool are these stripes.????
Oh and If any of you have a spare $1700AUD lying around can I have this?? Actually scratch that, can you pay my credit card?

My wardrobe has a lot of colour but the dominate one is black so I have a lot of stripes. I do have one and only favourite that is NOT a work dress, though I do wear it to work. (Much to my boss's disgust)

I had a look in my. wardrobe and there are so many lovely striped things.. I seem to have a thing for black and white stripes. 
Fro this week I chose this striped dress from Ezybuy and I had a size 18, its tight so.. no wiggle room. It goes up to a small size 22. You have to be ok with a tight dress but I do love it. (The shoes are a AU Size 9 from Big W last season)

I have VBL here but damn it ain't nothing going to keep me from this dress. :) The stripes hide a lot and this makes me confident. Its a great dress for work but for the tightness across the shoulder. I really should have sized up but I love how it hugs me

Do you like figure hugging dresses?? Stripes? or blocked colours?

PS. My mother likes stripes too!

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