Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Plus sized Babes

Ladies who rock party style don't have to be a size 8.

These ladies are so beautiful, stylish and elegant. I am taking notes.

Lisa from Canada makes me wish I could raid her wardrobe. She wears things I could wear to work and then party through the night. She is the Queen of comfort and style.

Hanna in her blue Scarlet & Jo Mesh dress makes me wish I could afford the brand. I need Scarlet & Jo to sell to Australian Retailers. Sigh. I would see my first born to get a velvet dress in red from them but its not to be. (Besides what would they do with a 6ft teenager?) 

Hollie wearing this velvet skater dress proves a simple LBD never goes out of style. I have skater dresses, I should get them out more but my legs are not me best asset. (Cue the leggings!)

The beautiful Leah in her Lorraine Kelly glitter side ruched dress looks $1million. I lusted after this dress so much I ordered it and its sitting at my UK address waiting shipping to me (I need my pocket money)

Closer to home, the lovely New Zealander Charlene rocks this stunning maxi.  He style is elegant and I adore her. She is a wizz and Op shop finds and always looks put together. 

Georgina is just my style icon. I adore her. This Lindy Bop dress is the bomb. I do order them on occasion as I WANT to love them but after shipping from the UK and not able to return (Postage is prohibitive) I should learn to just not bother. How amazing does she look?? ARRGHHHHH

As for me, my dress was at the tailors, as it was from ASOS at their Black Friday sale and I wanted the sequinned dress but not the horse bridle anti- fly  tassels. UGH. Light blue tassles. My mother picked up the dress today so I have no idea if I will get it for tomorrow.

The photo from Asos with the fringing..

The older version with the longer fringing was pretty. Thsi short length just looked odd. NO flies on me! LOL.

Photos if I get the dress in time.

XOXOX Have a terrific New Year my loves!! XOXOXO

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