Friday, December 4, 2015

Pretties on a friday

OK I am working Sunday but as I have Friday off I will count it. Also I finish at 1800hrs so I can had a romantic Friday dinner with H and relax for my Saturday off.

I finally told the lovely artist Jubly-Umph that last year I had her art tattooed on my arm and thankfully she was thrilled and even reposted my photo. (Use code GOODNEWS for 10% off I forgot to use it in my last order. )

Today I got these in the mail...

Both limited edition and both amazing. I did say to Ms Jubly-Umph that I was going to get the TearDrop lighthouse painting she did tattooed on me at some point next year. She was happy to hear that and I am to post pics when I do get it done.

The week has been super slow, David turned up on Tuesday with Ms Kat and I got my modesty sleeves from Avon. Yay! They fit perfectly. PLus some more dresses, the black hates me but after surgery should be better, the green is lovely. A light material and comfy.

David had brought me some shoes but there was a manufacturing fault in the comfort sole so.. blister city. David has to return them. The biggest pain in the arse is returning Avon stuff. Ugh. Leaving that to D.
I have forgotten to take a selfie of me in the green dress. D'oh..

Got a dress from Plus is a must Boutique. Actually two dresses but I have yet to photograph the other.
Pros of Plus is a must -

  1. On IG so you can see new things as they arrive
  2. Cheap (Reasonably anyway)
  3. Cute dresses for curvy bellied ladies
  4. A small business
Cons -

  1. No international postage Ugh, this means extra shipping fees from OPAS to on ship it to me. 
  2. USA postage is $7.95 and very very slow
  3. lack of info on the site re past orders. Only an invoice number but you need to get in contact to find out anything. My last order didn't even have a number at all issued.
  4. slow to even put in the mail. 6 days after I paid was my second order posted to my US address.
  5. No returns.
VBL action here.. I will have to wear shapewear Or just own it.

  • BUT I do like to support a small business even if my exchange rate means I pay 30% more that the ticket price and its over a month before I even see the item.  I don't like paying OPAS to on ship. My last shipping fee was $65US for 3 items (Not only Plus is a Must) USA shipping fee kill me. I get cheaper rates from the UK than the USA.

    <---------dress from Plus is a must

    More selfies from this week after the cut

    For soon to do review

    Yellow dresses from Target Here and here  sizes 16
    Fear less Tee Target here size 18
    Long tall sally Cowl necked top here On sale Size 18
    Long Tall sally Kaleidoscope dress here (Mostly sold out) Size 18
    Ezibuy Striped dress via ebay Here  I have a size 18 here and its tight.
    Animal top (At the top) Target size 16 here
    Blue Jinni lace top from PhoSizzle here this is the 18 and the skirt was handmade from Interrobanggirl in Etsy shop is here

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