Friday, December 18, 2015


OK I didn't expect Polyvore to post to my blog but there you go. Some thing to be aware of.

Anyway I have selected these items, which, Aside from two dresses (The Heine dresses) are all wish list items. :) The polkadot skirt only goes to size 12 BOOOOOO. Starting the 24th I will no longer have spending money so this may be a way to do fashion as a girl can dream right??
OK.. On with normal programming..


Snap dress
1 255 AUD -

3 4 sleeve white dress
28 AUD -

French Connection party skirt
160 AUD -

Dot skirt
23 AUD -

Kevin Jewelers 14k diamond ring
390 AUD -

Sara Designs watch

Bib statement necklace
98 AUD -

Bebe resin flower jewelry
62 AUD -

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