Twas the week before Xmas

And I have had to work 5am shifts then the coming weekend whilst my offspring and H do scuba diving both days. BAHHH
This means, professional clothes..

OK.. Deep breath.... I have also had a week of nothing suits  - Well not really.. IN MY HEAD - nothing suits and nothing fits.. I am going nuts..

Wednesday dress - City Chic Layered Motif dress - Here
I have this in red too but if it goes on sale I will return the red and get it cheaper.

How cute is the hound??

Thursday - Heine Printed dress - Size 44 - Here Got this on sale. Thank goodness

Friday - City Chic Spotty Dotty Dress - 2013 stock.
I wore it without a belt as I am so bloated recently I almost look pregnant instead of just fat. I have to find out what upsets my digestive system so badly. The swing skirt hides my belly shape a little.

Got a haul from Ezibuy, opened it, and then returned it all. I did love the spotted dress but in my weird mindset I couldn't keep it. I really should have..I argued with myself, then looked at the bill. Back it goes.

I am adulting.. :)

A selection of what turned up.. most from ebay and used so as to save a little money the rest from the City Chic 12 days of xmas sales.

See below!


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