Thursday, December 24, 2015

Work OOTD week review

Photo by me!

I spent the week in black. Inadvertently..

Sunday was a early am shift with an Xmas lunch with my brother. I was dressed up for this and H brought my heels when he picked me up.

Lunch was at Hurricane at Brighton-Le-Sands.  Fabian and H had just been scuba diving but the conditions were horrendous and the boys were sea sick so they came in after one dive.

Least he got to dive with Santa (photos from Abyss Ramsgate)

Monday was an old friend. A dress I can always rely on and worth every cent of its $200 price tag as I wear it when I can't decide what would be good for work. 

I have linked tp this dress a heap of times but now its old stock and no longer for sale. There are similar ones (I just can't find a link to one that's in stock!)

Tuesday was an old City chic dress with a pearl collar. It has the peep hole for maximum effect and its a scuba material so its super comfy. The top is a mesh which I usually hate and I don't usually go for the Wednesday Adams look but I think I pulled this dress off. 

Pearl Collar Detail
I was inspired by Lolly's Wednesday Adams look which look amazing. 

Wednesday- Another old city chic dress. This was NWOT on ebay and will be a new fav for work. I love the embroidered detail. Again a mesh top, perfect for hot weather.. Its a shame its so cold atm Nothing a cardigan won't fix

Now I have 4 days off.. Before the long haul from the 28th to the end of January. 

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