Monday, December 14, 2015

Xmas commeth

I am NOT an xmas person. I haven't had the Xmas spirit since I lost custody of my son and I have NOT had a tree in my house for more years than I can remember.
My friends and I started a Solstice tradition but I am working too much and they moved 3 hrs away so I can't attend.. Last year I had a nasty shock and it sent my mental health into a tail spin, causing me months of pain and counselling.

This year I have a tree. I will find a spark of xmas spirit if I have to dig it from the grave and perform as Dr Frankenstein act. So help me..I will find the lounge room.

I have no plans. I will spend the day with a loved one and yes, again, my child is denied access to me for the day. (Been that way for 14 years)BUT I will roast a chicken and drink the rum my beloved has provided.

Anyway he asked me to think about a gift.I honestly drew a bank. I didn't want, expect or frankly need anything. I can buy my own things.. (Well until now)  and so I couldn't answer him. I am not getting him a present. I dare not tread that line.. so I feel weird not giving. I actually like to give. I LOVE to provide for my loved ones and get them things they want.

I came up with well.. my usual. As Manrepeller stated "just treat yourself the way you would want your significant other to treat you"
Hear hear. :)

I love my dresses as you all know. I would love Jacquie's new collection of two dresses this and next collection (Getting in early)

This pendant is very cute!

and then I fell back in my usual.. You know I love teapots yes??

This have been on the wish list since they came out but I have run out of room in the cabinet

I have loved this artist for ages but I can't afford to ship the pictures but how lovely are they..

We can go top shelf and lust after the stunning tanzanite I tried to afford on the cruise.. (couldn't they started at $12k) - Michael hill have one under $1k barely.. ha

Or a necklace..

You know what?

I want a meal cooked, a dessert with cream, egg nog and my loved ones enjoying the day. Maybe go all out and walk the dog.
The rest can be saved for. (I know I swore) This post is slightly derpessing so I am going to follow some of the ideas in the Manrepeller post Five Indulgences to Make It Feel More Like the Holidays and put on a sparkly dress, open the port and sit under a tree.

I donated money to a charity and forgot about the rest.

If you like colouring in books and helping a (UK) cause then look here. A curvy cupcake has a link to a colouring book in exchange for a donation.
See you there, Bring the cheese.


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