Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Beautiful you

Part of my therapy and goal setting strategy is to manage my poor self image. Whilst I am a body positive warrior for others I really have a poor self image and struggle with the depression I get when the image in my brain doesn't match the mirror. Of course I know LOGICALLY that I look fine.. I dress well (Most of the time) and I carry myself with confidence (AGAIN most of the time) but I get a black dog of self doubt that tells me it is pointless to work on myself and to give up to return to my cave and blanket fort where judgemental eyes cannot see me. 

This is not living in anyway and I have developed a habit of going outside. Its actually nice outside. Who knew? 

For years I wouldn't leave the hours without a set itinerary and times written down for the trains and I would never leave the routine of my work travel arrangements. Hermit. 

I have been working on this since 2014 :) I can pass as normal now.. I think. Only my closest people know the truth. HAHHA 
Anyway on Book depository I saw a book on 362 days to self acceptance. Why not?  For once it came in 4 working days. Whoohoo. I ripped open the packet and had a read as I had my pedicure. Perfect timing. 
I had a flick through. One exercise a day for a year. I can do that plus I can still indulge in my habit of writing. The book has some very thought provoking questions. Day 4 has questions to answer in your journal like
  1. Consider how body image has impacted your daily life and outlook
  2. what have been your challenges and triumphs with body image over time?
  3. what have you denied yourself because of your perception of your appearance?
  4. how has your personality changed because of your sense of your appearance?
  5. what have you gained or lost because of your body image?

Day 6 is an exercise not a journal entry.. Ditch the Fat chat.  - When a woman critiques herself in front of you, don't join in . Instead tell her what you love about her or tell her how wrong she is. When you are inclined to begin your own body bashing, stop yourself. We do ourselves and others a dis-service when we allow there critiques to carry on.

Day 150 Affirm you body - Be satisfied with you body in its role as your vehicle for experiencing life. Take a moment to thank your body for allowing you that experience. 

The book is thick but light. Small enough to toss in your work back with your journal. I like to think about the questions on the quiet wee hours of early am. I think better at 3am than an 9am. LOL
So here are a fewpages of my self acceptance journal.

As you can see, I am starting to draw in my book. This, I see is a good sign. :) 

Right off to think about how I envision myself. 
 Would you do such a quest? is this sort of book for you? Is it old hat and just re-hashing more of the same self assessment?? Does it help do you think??? LMK your thoughts!!

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