Monday, January 11, 2016

Clothing haul

OK Yesterday was about minimising my clothing,and this week I have received a mountain of clothes in the mail. OOPS. 
Three dresses from Dotty and Dolly, all too small, but only by one size.. (DRAT!) a dress from Trashy diva, a Monique dress from Heart of Haute and a pile from ASOS. This is also with some from City Chic. ... I wonder if I can find all the links!! EEEP

OK lets go. 

1. The Heart of Haute - Peacock Monique dress made to order.  Here

Sorry crappy photo

Some Asos dresses - All fails except the dark redish one. (I won't link them, but if you wish to know what they are, I will do so).

No, Well Yes but..
Hell no. Who makes arm holes this big? 

I liked it but the colours were dull.Shame. 

Kept this for March dressing. Its thicker in fabric. 

Cute but returned as scratchy at the arms

Dotty and Dolly Dress, the only one I could fit in but not do up.My phone arm is holding it at the sides.  - Size 16.. small size 16 - This one is found here. Size UP!

Below is the rare win this month so far. Lindy Bop in the UK had this Matilda Dress in Leopard on sale - Here I bought a size 18 and its still a little tight but I can wear it :)

And of course a haul isn't complete with a few ity chic dresses. These twof these were in the sale section.

This Asos dress went back due to my new policy of its not perfect or where can I wear this? More than once. Size 18 and found here.  Goes up to size 28 but no stretch so take care with your sizing.

Trashy Diva size 16
Trash Diva Lupe Dress - Here Should have gone up a size but it fits ok Just tighter than I would like.

An old city chic dress from ebay. I will on sell it as I don't feel it suits me. I'll have abnother look at it at the end of the month, but for now in the sale box. 

I bought this dress for mother as she wanted the one I had so I stalked ASOS until they reduced the price to $41. A big reduction from the $100 plus it was before. She loves it. 

A city chic maxi that got returned as I have heaps of very similar maxi dresses. I would have usually kept it as I love maxi but when you have 4 the same or extremely similar, its a return. You can buy it on sale now here. Comfy scuba like material but that makes it a heavy dress too. 

More with no links unless someone asks (Too lazy to search the ASOS SIte)
A dress from an IG lady who runs a store. I think I have linked this dress before. 

UM..... Nooooo
A lady of the night dress. I got the 18 and it was 2 sizes too big. Anyway didn't give the effect I was looking for. I want to look $1million  not ny the hour rental.

Eloquii dress size 14US  - Here Heavy canvas like materal. Don't know about it but too pricey to return so .. a sale item.

City chic Panther dress. Love this dress. True to size so a size xs here

Edit for week of Jan 11. I bought 5 City chic dresses and one from another store. I have failed this week to curb my shopping but I will re-group and start again . 

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