Drama llama attacks

Further to the social media fall out, it has come to my attention that YET AGAIN, I am being tarred with the God digger brush by good Christian people who are a pleasant to my face but happy to character assassinate me.

Mind you I am writing this post 2 days later as it has taken me that long to not write a massively savage blog post. I shall remain calm.

It amazes me that I 2015/6 a women can still be classified as a gold digger and no consideration as to her own accomplishments is considered at all.

After being left with almost nothing in 2012, I have BY MYSELF;

1. Bought and paid for a house. NEVER has any man helped me with this

2. Paid all bills, electricity, water, and council rates.

3. held down a full time job and I earn more than my husband.

4. Without my name on the mortgage my husband would not have the house he has. The banks needed me as he didn't earn enough.

 If so worried about him, then please, buy my name off the mortgage. Its one less issue for me. People are happy to throw stone from ivory towers but not to get down and get muddy.

If anyone is the gold digger, it has been the men in my life. I have kept them, given them a home and it was an arrangement to use the man's money for play and mine for  the household. I need no man to survive. I have proven this time after time. I have been happy to provide in this way. It was never considered to be a chore.

Why do I even have to justify myself. 

I don't but it SHITS me to tears that women are spoken down in this way. They only marry for money, of course. HA.
Women have to prove themselves to be better at a job to be considered equal. Some work places STILL pay women less for the same position as their male counter parts. I get the same as men at my grade. I am lucky here.

Sad that that is considered lucky. It should be standard.

I have BY MYSELF..

  • been a Flying instructor and run a successful business.
  • worked for and been good at driving trucks and buses. For Years.
  • bought my own home on my own. No one to help me ever. No one gave me a leg up. 
  • worked over 126hrs a fortnight for years to keep the house and all the bills. 
  • Helped others to follow their own dreams and assisted them in any way I could. 
  • Been nice to the strays that came into and out of the partnership. For years. No one is a saint here. 
  • Risen to the top of my industry with no need to "couch surf" I got promoted in merit. (Heaven forbid. ) 
Yeah I am the evil one. You know.. Fine. Independent woman are tarred as bitches and fallen women and gold diggers but are usually just not going to take crap from those that have nothing to do but point the finger. 


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