Friday, January 15, 2016


After the therapist, I had the most vivid dream. Of course I only noted the main points and have since lost the details but I am left with the impression that it made on me. 

It was on or on the side of some railway tracks. Its not a train. I have a caravan and I notice that one side is sinking in to the soft soil on one side. Only one side. I leave it a while until the tilt to too much to ignore then I exit to analyse the problem. I walk up the track and find two people to help. One is the impression of being known to me but I don't remember. The other is a stranger.  They offer to help and pull my caravan out of the bog. 

The alarm went off. :)

I have spent two days pondering this. 
 research has presented me with this. 

Looks like I am on the right path getting help and having support at home. 

Sinking - To dream that you or something is sinking suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed. 

To see yourself bogged down in a quagmire refers to your inability to meet your obligations and fulfil your goals. You are literally stuck in a rut.

To Ignore the problem - To dream that you are ignoring someone or something may represent people, ideas, or situations that you don't like. Not wanting to accept something. Choosing to avoid something. Feeling that something or someone is not worth paying attention to. 

Negatively, ignoring something may reflect stubbornness or carelessness. Overlooking something important that deserves more attention. Intentionally or arrogantly ignoring authority figures. 

Alternatively, ignoring something may reflect an area of your life that you are not paying enough attention to. An idea, hunch, or situation that you keep putting off. 

Help -To dream that you are calling or signalling for help suggests that you are feeling lost, overwhelmed, and/or inadequate.

dream that you are being rescued or rescue others represents an aspect of yourself that has been neglected or ignored. You are trying to find a way to express this neglected part of yourself. Alternatively, it symbolizes an subconscious cry for help. Perhaps you are too proud in your waking life to ask for assistance.

To see a stranger in your dream signifies a part of yourself that is repressed and hidden. Alternatively, it symbolizes the archetypal dream helper who is offering you insight and advice

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