OK You all know. I am one of the people who suffer Fatigue. No surprise. Its part of doing shift work for over 20years. I used to be able to bounce back, hell I used to do 10 days straight night shifts then overtime as required and still be able to manage. Not now. I have a daily struggle to get up even on days off. I hot the wall at work and I sleep on the train as the drop of a hat. I have to pull over now on my way home a far cry from being a long haul truckie and coach driver.

From Michael Hyatt I found the perfect description of my daily struggle.
"And there he was. A dragon. A very big dragon. With three heads. Sitting in my bedroom, like so many mornings before, he was waiting. His heads swerved back and forth, dancing in the dim light. Each head alternately belching fire and hissing smoke. I groaned. Here we go again, I thought. If only I could shut my eyes and will him away. No such luck. His presence only grew more menacing.
I knew that I had to act. I leapt from the bed and ran straight at him. I have learned by experience that my only chance at victory is to slay the dragon while it is still dark. Before the first rays of sunshine strengthen his already substantial advantage.
Fortunately, once again I prevailed. But my victory is short-lived. I will face him again tomorrow. And the day after that.
Although this sounds like a fairy tale, it’s not. It’s my reality, day after day.
I face a dragon named Lethargy every morning. It has three heads: Pneuma (spiritual), Soma (physical), and Nous (intellectual)."

I also have a monster but my dragon is my defender and forces me to get up and go out to work day after day after day with 5 hours a day/night on average on a good week . Most days I feel a truck is parked on my chest stopping me from sitting up. To combat this I have resorted to rolled out of bed. (Must be a sight)

My inability to move is getting worse. I am combating this with my age old addiction, running. Sounds weird as it is really the LAST thing I would ever choose to do but once I get into an exercise trance, my body memory kicks in Because if I am not exercising regularly, it negatively impacts every other area of my life. It becomes more difficult to manage stress. I find that I just don’t have the energy to fight the other challenges of my work. When horrible things happy to people at work, I find exercise helps deal with the stress.

Being tired all the time means I don't read. My lust for learning stops. I enrolled in some very interesting courses but was so overwhelmed by fatigue recently that I just didn't read. I couldn't focus and certainly not concentrate. SOO I have re-enrolled in Audible and will read along with my books, highlighting as I go.. This also means I have re-enforcement of the text.  I hope in 2016, I will be well enough to enrol in courses again and actually manage to finish them.
I'll be learning a a few more words in Auslan. I can say hello, how are you and Merry Xmas.. LOL. One word a week?? That's a do-able goal.

I am eliminating "TRY" from my vocab.
As Michael Hyatt states " It is a worthless word that accomplishes nothing. It only makes you feel better when you fail." he goes to say;
Decide either to do or not do.If you don’t want to do something fine. Don’t do it. But don’t pretend that doing.They are two completely different postures.
< Commit 100 percent to the outcome you want. Like the project manager in Apollo 13 said, “Failure is not an option.” Play full out. Go for the win. Don’t settle for merely trying."
Education keeps my mind from switching off and reduces, a little, my mental fatigue.

I am eliminating negative people from my love no matter how much I love them.
Their attitudes are contagious, they are tiring to deal with and some are just soul vampires. They have nothing nice to say about anything or anyone. Do they talk this way about me behind my back??? Most likely. SO why hang around them? Enough masochism.. I am out. You can tell me about the terrible day you had, that's life, but if all you ever say is negative then, take it elsewhere. I work in a nest of vipers, I can and will avoid them in my private life. It's just too destructive to me.

I don't need an excuse to keep my depression around, for my own mental and physical health, I am much more a glass half full lady.

I have been the negative person and it hurt me, my family and my friends. who wants to be a drag??

Ever since I have been handing out You look great cards, I have found making people smile gives me such a buzz, it makes me happy and it makes others happy, who loses??? According to Ron Gutman "“smiling can help reduce the level of stress-enhancing hormones like cortisol, adrenaline, and dopamine, and increase the level of mood-enhancing hormones like endorphins.” Hey! Drugs!!
This also helps with fatigue. When I am happy I have more energy.  I have been able to reduce my anti-depressants as my moods have been up.  I am going to beat my dependency on the pills. Its my most exciting goal for 2016.

Will I ever beat chronic fatigue? Unlikely but least I'll be a better person for all this :) 
How do you get out of bed?? LMK below!!!!


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