Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Yvonne, the domestic goddess

Says it all. 
I have been home for four days.  Aside from the long walk, I have been cooking, washing and even vacuuming. Saturday was cold and windy; Sunday was just cold, and Monday was the coldest day in Sydney for over 20years. (Seriously) I stayed inside. With trackies on: I am so sexy. :P

Too Sexy for my clothes
ANYWAY, I made the soup I promised H on Sunday. There was no way I could have done so after the 16km walk.  I even used the soup maker I rarely use. I forget how cool this thingy is.

start with raw ingredients. 

Mostly finished!

Mixing in the caramelised onion and cream. 

I loved it but H thinks its too sweet due to the caramelised onions. Eh. :) 

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