Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy new Year NZ-Curvettes

A quicky.. I wore a City Chic dress for New Years eve but had left the phone at home to spend real time with real people.
It was this one. 

NOTHING in Picton was open except the George. The pizza place was closed, the Picton Hotel was closed we has the choice of Maccas, or the George. The George has live music and booze  so we stopped there and watched the 9pm Fireworks. Queued for 10 mins to get some drinks but the staff did an excellent job. The prices were the same as always so no mark ups.
After a few drinks, we got sick of the longer and longer line at the bar so we walked home, leaving the car behind.

Changing into house clothes, we snuggled on the couch and watched the Sydney Fireworks on TV before I headed to bed for work.
On the first, I wore this to work as a nod to my outfit the night before.

From the US, at The avenue online store. I was thrilled that they ship to Australia You can buy it on sale here In US sizing so the smallest size is AU/UK 16 and it goes up to US 32 which is UK/AU 34/36 but its stretchy so you can add a size to that easily.

Be bright and be bubble, and don't let others dull your sparkle.


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