Friday, January 1, 2016


Almost all New Year’s resolutions are bound to fail after the first month or even in the first week. 

Health tells me to set goals and make a plan and he is right.
Of course I have started. Why wait for an arbitrary day when today is the day. (Actually it was Dec 24)

In 2014, I was motivated to improved my life, my mental and physical well being and the start of that was to get a psychologist, and start Lite n Easy again. It was a struggle to afford it as I am such an out of control shopper but for 11 months, I managed and I lost almost 40 kg from 116kg to 84kg at my lightest. Then in December, my greatest support left with a knife sticking in my heart and I gave up on myself. I spent Jan 2014 in a self destruct mode that ended basically in June 2015. 12 KG heavier and heavier medication and a destroyed self esteem. I had also left a path of destruction in my wake for which I am truly sorry. 

 Jan 2016. This is me. I am back on track. Do I love me? No. Well not really. I live with me and I am getting better. I am happier than I have been in a long time. 

Using Megan's format lets set some goals. 


My health has been good considering what I have done to myself. I was on and off with my beloved training.. so 
1. Get back to 4 days a week whether it be running, walking, or talking the dog down the park with H. 
2. Aim for this challenge. - Your VS the Year. I have done this before and it is actually quite do-able. 
3. Hypnotherapy for addiction - Shopping. Still overdoing it. 
4. H had agreed to do Lite n Easy with me. You can't do this if you are the only one in the house. This is extremely valuable support. 
5. manage sugar addiction. I admit I am sneaking junk food at work, not a heap but I am eating a chocolate bar as I am typing this. 
6. surgery means I HAVE to take more control of my eating. Otherwise what's the point of it all.


1. Less overtime. Yes its nice to have the money but I burn out so easily these days and I need my time off. 


My god where to start?

1. Continue with my financial set up and try to live with my pocket money
2. save for H's 50th and a holiday
3. pay off my loans of all sorts this year and next year.
4. Cruising!!! with Scuba diving. 
5. Pay off my surgery loans
6. add more to my Good2Give payments
I find that, with easy credit in hand amounting to a over 30 thousand dollars, there was tendency to  treat it as extra spending money and over-indulge with bliss..till the end of the month, that is.
Heath's idea for me
I have passed the real danger area  where credit card usage passes the barrier of overspending and enters the realm of addiction. I have been treating cards as extra spending money and I go on a splurge , thereby  ignoring my liabilities of spending beyond my means and ending up with huge balances at the end of the month. Which I can't pay and then use credit to pay the credit and I have racked up heaps of debt. 
I have no longer any access to my credit cards. I have only my pocket money. 
I will beat this this year. This is my year to learn to be responsible. Hell I am over 40.. I should be able to travel at a whim instead of struggling. I aim to be fiscally free. 


I don't know where to go in this category. I have been so unsatisfied for so long that this past 8 months has been a whirlwind. My life needs a better work/life balance. There is no argument there. I want to spend more time with my teen, I think he needs to gain some freedom and is at am age where he can be left alone and the world won't collapse.

1. see my teen more
2. more outside time, make time for road trips with picnics. 
3. read more.
4. study Auslan, I have a few words but I could do a course? (Work pending) 
5. Be grateful for what I have. Daily.
6. love better and more
7. spread compliments. They cost nothing and make a huge difference. 

What are your plans?? LMK ! :) 


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