Saturday, January 9, 2016

Wear my wardrobe challenge

SO, through Leah's facebook, I came across a lovely lady, Kate, who, like me, shops more than she wears. Intrigued I rushed to her site and had a read. YES!! This is what I need to do. What a great idea.

My wardrobe is out of control, Heath even stated last night that I don't have enough hanger space for my clothes atm and its a room! A whole room for clothes only. My clothing clutters the house, I have clothes in my son'd room, his chest of drawers, my main bedroom and my shoes live in Heath's room. Its general clutter in the house and I can see why the boys find it distressing. SOOO

Week 1 - Prep

 OK I have failed up to now, but lets start fresh.

Day one.

  • No more new clothes. Allowing for the items that have been ordered in the past week, no more new clothes. 
  • Start collecting the clothes on the floor and sort and put away.
  • Find the clothes hanging in the other parts of the house and sort. 
  • find the unworn clothes with tags on and  - wear first or photograph for selling. Put in separate place for sale. 
  • reduce tee shirts (I wear shirts now more than tee shirts) remove all too big for me. 
  • save a few for craft (Slash shirts and braiding) donate the rest. 

Week 2 - organising
  • Sort jackets from jumpers from shirts and skirts. Currently all mixed together. 
  • Find jackets that are too small and donate
  • Arrange the week's clothes for AM and Day shift. Hang in order near where I get dressed in the pre dawn hours. 

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