Monday, February 8, 2016

Clothing tryout

I have had some clothes arrive but with the drain I was unable to even see if they fit. 
Some were winning some were returned. 

1. old city chic. From Dec. Don't think its on the web site anymore. 
2.Interrobangart Etsy. Hand made for me. 
3. Asos body con red dress. Supposed ro be a size 16 but fit like a size 12. Ugh. Back you go. 
4. Asos work dress. Again too small. Back it went. 
5. Elena Wang from Zuilly. A size L "cardigan" an acrylic jumper that can be a tunic I like it. Heath does not.
6. Coton du monde  tunic from Zuilly. I bought two. This one suited more than the other.  These two took ages to arrive. You can;t be in a rush from Zuilly.  

1 & 3 Lindy Bop Shirt dress now on sale!!

2 Another from Interrobangart Liquid silver or mercury. Heath doesn't like it..Booooo :) Ah well I so .

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