Plus 40 Fabulous February

This month's subject is something that makes us excited or happy.

I have been pondering this as when I think directly about what makes me happy, I can't think of a think. I find happiness in being calm and most days this eludes me. But after also a month here is my list of happiness.

My little family - This makes me happy. The love of my life, Fabian, now a young man and the new man in my life, Heath. These boys are my support system and get me through the day.

Travel - Well, I loathe air travel but with someone its bearable. I adore cruising and this does make me happy. I love road trips to country places and staying there to investigate local galleries and scenery. One of the best road trips was with D and Fabian and to the West Plains Zoo. We all had the best time.  which brings me to ..

Silly Giraffe

ZOOS I love a great zoo. Western Plains Zoo is the best I have been to. Melbourne Zoo was a great disappointment and I'm not a fan of Taronga except it is the home to the only tuaturas outside of New Zealand.  I have one of my images on a sign at the Denver zoo for reptiles. :) Go and see!!! :)Tuatara

Hotels - I am a lover of good hotels. I am super critical of service and presentation so I can be hard to please but luckily Sydney has some excellent 5 star hotels and you can get groupons for savings. This makes me feel super special and Sydney also has great views from a lot of the hotel rooms.

Photography - Although I have not done any work in photography in over a year, doing pretty pictures makes me happy. It relates to my love of creating things even though I am not in anyway artistic. I like to draw as a form of meditation. It really soothes a racing mind. 

Writing - Not makes me happy per say, its a compulsion that drives me. I need to write to clear my head of swirling thoughts. This extends to Blogging.  

Running - Running makes me happy. I love treadmill running as, over the years, long distance running destroyed my knees. Alas my treadmill has died after 10 years plus service. I am hoping it gets repairs but the man forgets about it easily. Sigh. If he takes too long, I am going to the shop for a new one. Warning Heath!!

What makes you happy??? Any hobbies????

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