Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend and frustrations

I joined Heath on his visit to see his children. Well that was the idea. It was me only day off and his only day to see his offspring so why not try and combine the two. Its been a year after all. (He has three off spring and I have only met one in the past year )
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Eh. Sorry that was frustration one.
Focus on the good and the day.

The boys went indoor rock climbing.

 Insert frustration two.

I genuinely love exercising, it helps alleviate my anxiety and my racing brain. My brain just focuses on the music and my movements. This means I love to move. Whilst I was in recovery, Heath discovered that lying around Yvonne, means itchy, antsy, insomniac Yvonne. He even sent me out into the streets with the dog for "Protection" so I could move. I can't function without exercise. I might not be the best at it, I'll never be fastest, the kids will leave me for dead but I need to be active.

I can't participate as my core hasn't heeled enough and I cannot stretch above my head enough to even try the beginner walls. I used to love this activity when we could sneak out of work for an hour or two. I have forgotten a lot and would need a training session, but damn I love to try.
OH thought I was bored but no. I was fascinated at how easy some of the guys make it look.

Actually C made it look easy at some walls. He made it to the top of most of the ones he attempted.

After a few hours, it was declared lunch time so we had lunch at the harbour at Wollongong.

The weather out to see was nasty and the waves were hitting the breakwater hard causing everyone to get wet. That was ok.. it was the sound of the wave, the roar that had me routed to the spot. I try to conquer my fear but for that moment I was terrified beyond reason.  I high tailed it to the other side of the Harbour light and took some very deep breaths. (This lighthouse was lit originally in July 1871 the light but not in use regularly until January 1872 it was superseded by Wollongong light house in 1937 and it was restored in 2002 - It has a twin at Warden Head near Ulladulla) 
By the time OH and C had come around the light, I had recovered my senses but was happy to return to the marina well away from the breakwater. 

OH took us ten pin bowling. :) I used to play but I haven't in around 20 odd years. With the exception of the odd one off game. I managed to draw even with OH by the end. My 20 year old bowling shoes died leaving guts everywhere.. it was a deteriorated foamy mess. 
Damn need new shoes. Luckily balls don't deteriorate. Phew!!!

After dropping C off to his mother's place, we headed to the Nan Tien temple. My shorts were too short to we had to hire me a sarong to cover my legs, Oh well a $5 donation to the temple.

I love Buddhist temples. My places of peace.  After wandering the main temple we sat by the kio pond in the shade just watching the fish. Meditative time I really needed.

I had a talk to the OH about frustration 1 much later as we walked down to the pub for a few beers. As other women have told me.. give time and let it be for now. Wise words.

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