Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekly update

I have been both flat out and so tired. I haven't even begun to regain my fitness from the surgery. I have even found it hard to write or draw. Two things I do love doing.  I had only the dr surgery and therapy. The weather has been soo very horrible. Over 30C daily with 90% plus humidity. God I hate tropical weather. I Am trying to convince Heath to move to Hobart. SO far he is not convinced. 


I stayed mostly inside.I was going to do outside OOTD pics but you think I can find my camera??  SIgh

My lymphatic system isn't absorbing lymphatic fluid so I had 300ml drained from my belly on Sat. Sexy eh?

I took my mother to the lovely Jeanine's house for a makeup party. She was so welcoming and there was so many pretty things.. I want them all. She encourages me to have on-line parties and I am thrilled that they post everywhere (Worldwide)  They only last 10 days so the link will expire.. I have sold my mother on the marscara and I have been converted to the liquid foundation alas its out of stock until March. BOOO Its to die for.  I have a collection of lipstains which are awesome for my work. With our heat lipstick and the thicker BB creams melt off. BAH
Still all I get is a discount. I used to be an Avon lady but I am converted. :) My skin doesn't breakout now. 

Valentine's day

Its also my 10th Wedding anniversary. This makes the day tinged with sadness. Sigh. I talked to David and Kat who were out shopping for lady's underwear. 

H spent the day mowing the lawn and doing the poison in the stupid heat. By the time he was finished he crashed on the couch. Oh the romance.  SIgh. I was doing work from home. See we know how to be loving :( Sigh. 
The sexish thing I did was take a photo of my scar to get info from Tim. :) The scar is looking good (As scar's go) 

A quick trip to Mac square for Valentine's Scar supplies. Again. Sigh. 

Off to a hotel. The hotel at first was lovely but they had a stupid, we have shitty guests policy, and took a safety deposit. EH? Is this 4 star or a hostel?? WTF. Do people really damage things? Seriously. 

H had another nap before we headed to the restaurant. I was horrified that I had accidently picked one that I had been to in the past (For breakfast) Epic faux pas. But I had no idea. HMMMM today is going well. 
Photo 1 Going out dress. Photo 2 Day dress photo3 beer entree for dinner.

LUCKILY it was amazing food. A great bottle of wine and some fantastic food. I even got a dessert. !!! Now you know it was a special occasion. Tiramisu. YUMMMMMM After a bottle of wine I was soo tipsy. I have become such a light weight in my old age. We had to make several toilet stops for me. 

Spent the evening at the pub under the hotel, before we headed for bed. XOXO :) 

Monday am, H had gone to work early but the hotel wouldn't let him have his safety deposit back as I was in the room. WTF? 

I did have a magic shower and manager my own surgical undergarments. I had to nap a brekkie as the last train for 90 minutes was due to leave soon, but the stupid Day manager would not return the $100 as I didn't have the original card ( It went with its owner) and the room wasn't inspected by housekeeping. OO I look dangerous and had to be checked that I didn't steal towels. (Who the fuck usually stays here?) The day manager was finally convinced to look at the night manager's notes and begrudingly handed me cash. I was now greatly irritated. I had an appointment at 1530 and if I missed this train I would be late. ARGHH

I did catch the train and of course the Southern Highlands train was cancelled so that meant a bus and more time. Got home just before 1400hrs.

Grabbing Heath's car I had to follow a granny who was doing 70 in the 100 zone. DO people not have places to be!?? ARGHH 
My day changed with a car space in peak outside the surgeon's building. SWEET!!!  No waiting at the surgeons. :) YAY!!

I got this cute crop top from City CHic. I'm wearing the XS . I adore it!! Perfect from this shitty hot weather.  When can I move to cooler climates??

How was your Valentine's weekend??

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