A break from the routine

As much as change causes me great anxiety, I invited a lady I had only met through an ex and only onlime to my house. Never too late to make mew friends right?? 

I finished work and true to my mental health, I stressed about meeting someone new. It was a first date and a sorta blind one at that. 

As I was waiting for her to turn up, My mother appeared. Hmmmm Now two people at the same time as my house. I was lucky Brandon alerted me, 

Bronwyn turned up. As lovely and bubbly as I anticipated. She told me she was a concerned as I was.. LOL :) 

We had a great time, filling her car with items she has been bullied into from my vast wardrobe,. :) I suddenly has space!!! I veitoed only one dress and other than that I was happy to share everyting I had. 

We headed off to the pub to meet H and she told me she has never been to a pub. I think I face expressed the same reaction than if she said she was a mother of 3 but a virgin,.. WOW. I was sad then that I had met H at the dimgy Picton Hotel not the George. The first time should be special.. but as we know, reality is disappointing. After one beer we wandered up to the George. Much better, :) 

So much girl talk that H headed home so Bronwyn had to drive me back. 

I had such fund and I hope there is a next time!


Here she is in a cute cate dress!! 


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