Saturday, March 26, 2016

Bucket list

It seems 2016 is a year of ticking off things on the old bucket list.

Mind you the cruise in 2015 was one too.. I would love to take Fabian and Heath on a cruise but it seems not this year. BOO. Maybe a 3 day one with Fabian. He will have a ball. 


This new tick was thanks to Heath and my tribe of female friends who have encourage me to "Just do it" and enrol in some Uni courses. Well some Uni units and I hope to be accepted into macquarie Uni as a mature student. This may or may not happen as I am needing a bridging course which Heath has enrolled me into. :)

God how to people afford full time uni? Its $782 per unit and an under graduate course has 24 units.. EEP! Yes, the Australian Government will subsidise you but then you need to pay it back and it comes out of your tax return. No thanks. I am coming around to Heath's way of thinking.. pay cash and not worry about interest rates and repayments. 

SO I am enrolled in 3 bridging courses and one beginner unit..
Start for Success
Preparing for Academic Writing
Basic Preparatory Mathematics
Critical Thinking

I did make an error in my study terms and have a 6 mth gap between Maths and Thinking so I have to ask for them to change that.. OOPs. 

Getting my head around the enrolment form was the first challenge..

I am finishing my non cert courses, Origin of Crime, Foundations of Psychology, and Emergency Management. I loved Origin of Crime and Psychology but the Emergency management is soo close to work that I wasn't challenged.  In Edx through the University of Queensland I am doing the Psychology of Crime. I need to pay $100 for a certificate so maybe I can save enough to get a cert. :) 

Is it wrong to be excited to go to school? Even though I have to be only an online student and fit it in with my job, its still exciting that I can finally get some education that I was unable to do in my twenties. 

If you want to do free (Australian ) online courses try some at Open2Study Or to go and get a bigger selection try EDX for universities all around the world. (There is a great apps for EDX) nThere is even a course on Dog behaviour..

What interests you? DO you want to go to school and like me, was never able to?? What is holding you back now?? 

Would you like to do a course? LMK Your thoughts and any tips to manage my study with a full time job??

What is on YOUR bucket list??

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